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Senpai Appreciation Post: Hideki Ishikawa - Capcom Artist

Back to Capcom. 

Ishikawa is another god-tier to me. When Megaman Legends 2 came out and I first saw the character art from it in a magazine, I knew that there was something different in appeal compared to Megaman Legends 1 art, though I don’t remember seeing any of Megaman Legends 1 art outside of the game (beyond the illustration behind the disk/instruction booklet in the package) at the time ‘cuz the focus here in the states was “3D EVERYTHING!”. But he worked full-on as character designer+illustrator in MML2 so that confirmed that notion for me. Anyway, that’s details.

The way Ishikawa handles shape and line economy is some of the best out there. His style has a very strong presence throughout all his work. Most may call his style just “toony”, but every aspect of the artwork or subject has this simplistic “weight” to it that is extremely difficult to replicate. He knows what he’s doing, especially with anatomy.

Take for example the image directly above. The clumpy folds in the hair just has this blocky weight that just makes me stare at it for such a long time. The image above that: tons of black, but with the simple cel selections, you can feel the weight of the character so well. His Harada-style Disgaea illustrations is like he’s not even trying and just seems like he does it very effortlessly. He’s a cut above many. 

He pushes shapes so well. Something I need to do more of. His character design work on Megaman Legends 2 is stuff I continue to look up to today and try to pick apart and implement in my own work, albeit not as greatly, haha. But one day I hope to get close to his level! 

Wishing Ishikawa could do an illustration of Cryamore right now. *cries*

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Hideaki Anno winning flipbook student competition.
From japanese TV drama Aoi Honoo (Blue Blazes).